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I'm completely new to java, I need to import both:

import com.myapp.R;
import android.R

at the same time sine I need to use translations from my strings.xml folder and also the the icon R.drawable.ic_media_play. However I get an error due to imports collisions.

How can I access resources both from android and my app?

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You can't import both. The convention is to import your project's R file (com.myapp.R), and to use full package notation when using the android R file. This way, it's easy to tell when your referencing your own identifiers, and when you're referencing an external identifier.

So if you wanted to reference the ic_media_play identifer, you'd use android.R.drawable.ic_media_play.

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Don't import them both. Refer to them by their fully qualified names.

import android.R



is equivalent to



You can import the one that you use most, and use a fully qualified name for the other

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