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tl;dr Given an Arel::Attributes::Attribue object, say Model.arel_table[:created_at] how do get it's SQL type?

Context: I'm bypassing the ActiveRecord infrastructure in favour of Arel to write some SQL reports that need to be generated really efficiently. Using Arel's to_sql method I'm generating the final SQL and executing it directly via ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute. However, I need to apply SQL transformations to certain columns (eg. change timezone of timestamps stored in GMT). Since the number of columns is large (and varying, based on user input), I don't want to hard code these transformations. I'd like to look at the SQL type of the columns being selected and apply the transformation accordingly.

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If you have the ActiveRecord class set up then you have access to its columns and columns_hash methods. Those will give you column objects (instances of ActiveRecord::ConnectionAdapters::Column) and there you should find type and sql_type methods. For example:

> Model.columns_hash['created_at'].type
 => :datetime 
> Model.columns_hash['created_at'].sql_type
 => "timestamp without time zone"

The sql_type will be database-specific (that's PostgreSQL above), the type will match the type in your migrations so you probably want to use that instead of sql_type.

That said, you could probably get away with use the usual ActiveRecord relation methods (which should deal with conversions and time zones for you) and then call to_sql at the end:

sql = Model.where('created_at > ?', some_time).select('pancakes').to_sql

and then feed that SQL into execute or select_rows. That will let you use most of the usual ActiveRecord stuff while avoiding the overhead of creating a bunch of ActiveRecord wrappers that you don't care about.

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