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Can anyone please, help me with using flag bits in play 2.0 using scala??

I have 7 options checkbox on each byte ( 0 - note
1 - testnote
2 - facebook
3 - phone
4 - google
5 - skip
6 - bonus small
7 - bonus big

I want to store the database table with column name options(integer).

I have gone through this but I am not still clear how can I do this. Thanks for the suggestion in advance

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Unless you are going to have huge number of records, I would avoid to do it that way. Your approach limits your options by storage (what happens if/when you need to add new set of options...). Verifing your data manually will be more painful.
Simpler way would be have either one column for each option or if starts not to be feasible (option2) have lookup table with all options one line has.
In any case, how you store data should be independent and separated of how you use play. To enter or edit data would be variation of contacts demo application...

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