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I have a segmented control (Added via story board) and have set two segments (set in story board). When it is clicked it fires my 'segmentedIndexChanged:' method, but in that method i can't get the values (it always returns null) for either .selectedSegmentedIndex or titleForSegmentedAtIndex

-(IBAction) segmentedIndexChanged {

    NSLog(@"index, text value: %@ , %@", self.mySegControl.selectedSegmentIndex, [mySegControl titleForSegmentAtIndex:mySegControl.selectedSegmentIndex]

    switch (self.mySegControl.selectedSegmentIndex) {
        case 0:

            NSLog(@"segmented 1 selected");
        case 1:
            NSLog(@"segmented 2  selected");




any ideas why?

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Are you sure the outlet is connected to the control? You can check by printing out NSLog(@"%@", self.mySegControl)

Also, usually, IBActions should have the form of - (IBAction)action:(id)sender, that way you would be able to access the sender (in this case the segmented control) without having an outlet to it as well.

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