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I'm a newbie in JavaScript, I'm responsible for an online quiz (html5 code), which takes long time to execute "startgame" function (construct the html for 100 questions).So I add a progress bar,

   function startgame()
    var progress=0;
    for (index = 0; index < numberofquestions; index++) {

and progress-bar is the id of a div in the html code

<div id="progress-bar" style="width:0%; background:blue;opacity:1;height:25px;"/>`

which works as expected (the width of the bar is increasing) when I step over the for loop, however, it does not work at all if I remove the break point and run (the progress will stay at 0% or the point I stop debugging) I‘ve also tried

document.getElementById("progress-bar").outerHTML='<div id="progress-bar"          style="width:'+progress+';background:blue;opacity:1; display:block; height:25px;"'+'/>';

to replace $("#progress-bar").css("width",progress); but the result is same as before

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" which takes long time to execute "startgame" function (construct the html for 100 questions" your priority should be to optimize the appending of those 100 questios because it's not that much data & it should not take such a long time that you'd need a progress bar – mikakun Feb 3 '13 at 11:37

numberofquestions.length should give you the entire length of the array numberofquestions. You're missing all the code so besides that can't say..

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my difficult is to get the progress bar moving, with the iterations of for loop, thanks anyway – Shawn1989 Feb 3 '13 at 10:58

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