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I'm writing a plugin for the musicplayer named MusicBee. The plugin is for the Logitech G keyboards LCD. Now I will look at buttons activity every 30ms so everyting is fast when pressing on it. I will use the setTimer function of windows.h but I can't get it to work in my dll file. Can someone help me with this little problem??

The code I have is (TimerProc function is a static function):

Logitech * Logitech::LogitechObject;

Logitech::Logitech():   stopthread(false), firstTime(true), position(0), duration(0)
    LogitechObject = this;

    SetTimer(NULL, 1, 30, &Logitech::TimerProc);

    stopthread = true;
    this->state = StatePlay::Undefined;

VOID CALLBACK Logitech::TimerProc(HWND hwnd, UINT uMsg, UINT_PTR idEvent,  DWORD dwTime)
    LogitechObject->time = 0;
    LogitechObject->m_lcd.SetProgressBarPosition(LogitechObject->progressbar, static_cast<FLOAT>(100));

    SetTimer(NULL, 1, 30, &Logitech::TimerProc);
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In order SetTimer to work the application should run "message pump" loop ( GetMessage()/DispatchMessage() ). Without it WM_TIMER message will not be delivered and so your TimerProc will not be invoked.

Use CreateTimerQueueTimer() instead.

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Now I changed my settimer to CreateTimerQueueTimer(NULL,NULL,&Logitech::TimerProc,this,0,1250,WT_EXECUTEDEFAU‌​LT); and now it crashes every time I start it. What can it be? –  Test Jef Feb 4 '13 at 7:44

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