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I'm new to, and use a lot of hardcoded url in my code for href in tag a,like

The problem is,
when I set my application running under a certain path, not the root of a URL, like

The link will direct me to some place like

While the expected/wanted one is

How do I handle this?

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Make web.ctx.homepath available in your template globals, and output it before your paths.


homepath – The part of the path requested by the user which was trimmed off the current app. That is homepath + path = the path actually requested in HTTP by the user. E.g. /admin This seems to be derived during startup from the environment variable REAL_SCRIPT_NAME. It affects what web.url() will prepend to supplied urls. This in turn affects where web.seeother() will go, which might interact badly with your url rewriting scheme (e.g. mod_rewrite)

template_globals = {
    'app_path': lambda p: web.ctx.homepath + p,

render = template.render(my_template_dir, globals=template_globals, base="mylayout")

Then you should be able to output app_path in your templates

<a href="$app_path('/login')">Login</a>
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