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I have a setup working where i can bind my grid.row properties of a rectangle to an integer in a class in the source behind, but I would really like to be able to use array's of integers instead of integers. The code I had worked when gridColumn was a simple integer but not when it is put into an array like so:

C# code:

namespace WPFTestingApplication
    public static class GridProperties
        public static int[] gridColumn = { 1, 0 };

    public partial class MainWindow : Window
        public MainWindow()


<Window x:Class="WPFTestingApplication.MainWindow"
    Title="MainWindow" Height="200" Width="400">
        <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
        <ColumnDefinition Width="*" />
    <Rectangle Name="Rect" Grid.Column="{Binding Source={x:Static
        local:GridProperties.gridColumn[0]}}" Fill="DarkGray" Margin="5" />
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Are you getting any binding errors in the VS output window? –  K Mehta Feb 3 '13 at 11:56

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Grid.Column="{Binding [0], Source={x:Static Member=local:GridProperties.gridColumn}}"

I hope this will help.

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