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I'm using a ManipulationDelta event to drag a Canvas as follows:

private Point lastMovePosition;

private void MoveCanvas(ManipulationDeltaEventArgs e)
    var position = e.ManipulationOrigin;

    if (CanvasShareSwarm.Scale > 1) //Force zoom out limit to view all
        CanvasShareSwarm.Offset -= position - lastMovePosition;
        lastMovePosition = position;

This works but when the drag starts the Canvas always jumps back to what seems to be a previous position before moving. I suspect it has to do with my lastMovePosition point.

What could cause this?

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I guess you would have to initialize the lastMovePosition field in a ManipulationStarted event handler:

private void OnManipulationStarted(object sender, ManipulationStartedEventArgs e)
    lastMovePosition = e.ManipulationOrigin;
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On bended knee before your great knowledge. –  John Sourcer Feb 3 '13 at 15:56

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