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Is it possible to compute a file member removal in a rpgle program from a development lpar.

   eg: RMVM FILE(LIB/FILE1) MBR(PAR1981181)

and performing updates on a different file in a different lpar altogether?

SET SENTFLAG = ' ', DATESENT = '0001-01-01', TIMESENT = '00:00:00', XMITT# = 0, LOCATION =   'PACI175A', ARBATCH# = ' ' 

How exactly can one perform setting of lpars in one single program?Is this possible. Please guide.

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These operations can be be done by using DDM and RUNRMTCMD to link the LPAR's as remote systems.

For more information see:

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Appreciate the help. How could I possibly incorporate this as a programming construct in a RPG or CL? –  learning_fly Feb 3 '13 at 17:42
@learning_fly The documentation will guide you through the details but the gist of it is to create a DDM connection between the two LPAR's and then use the DDM file for SQL execution and QCMDEXEC for command execution of the RMVM command wrapped in a RUNRMTCMD command. –  JamesA Feb 3 '13 at 17:47

If you are on release 7.1 and have the appropriate PTF group loaded, then you can use 3-part naming in SQL. This let's you qualify a table reference with the database (ie. RDB directory entry) and schema (ie. library).

For example:

    , DATESENT = '0001-01-01'
    , TIMESENT = '00:00:00'
    , XMITT#   = 0
    , LOCATION = 'PACI175A'
    , ARBATCH# = ' ' 
    AND ARBATCH# = 'PAR1981181'  
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