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I'm not sure if I'm using my arrays in Java correctly. How do I store a word and a number together such that given the number I can select the corresponding word

For example, given that the number two corresponds to the word "Orange":

Prompt: "Enter number:"
Input: 2
Output: "Color is Orange."

My attempt using an array:

String [] colorResList = new String[10] ;
int  resCounter = 0 ;
// Assign values to elements in array.
colorResList[2] = "Orange";
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Use a Map implementation, keyed by Integer with value String:

Map<Integer, String> colors = new HashMap<Integer, String>();
colors.put(2, "Orange");
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This is a concern that usually is done by using a Map; often times a HashMap<T,S> will be applicable. For your concern, you could use a HashMap<Integer, String>.

EDIT: If you would like to store it in an array, you can just use an array like you did in your question and do this

int i = //read in number here
System.out.println("Color is " + colorResList[i]);
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Thanks for your replys! Hmm, the thing is, I have not learned using map yet, so far I only know that I could use methods and I think I'm required to use arrays,I can store integer arrays but I just don't know how to relate them to strings :/ – noobatthis Feb 3 '13 at 15:28

use following code

Map <Integer, String> map = new HashMap<Integer, String>();


System.out.println( map.get(3)); // get printed "Three"
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You can use HashMap(an implemenation of Map interface), like this:

Map<Integer,String> m = new HashMap<Integer,String>();
System.out.println("The colour is "+m.get(1));
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