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Can anyone assist me on how do I load the object FooBar dynamically and call the roquet function (dynamically) ? I have this snippet in Perl:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w 
use Inline Java => << 'End_Of_Java_Code';
class FooBar {
  public FooBar(){}
    public void roquet() {

use Data::Dumper;
use Class::Sniff;
my $sniff = Class::Sniff->new({class=>'FooBar'});
my $num_methods = $sniff->methods;
my $num_classes = $sniff->classes;
my @methods     = $sniff->methods;
my @classes     = $sniff->classes;

my @unreachable = $sniff->unreachable;
foreach my $method (@methods) {
  if ( $method eq "roquet" ) {
    print "$method\n";

I tried the following approaches and variations: a. approach:

use Module::Load
my $package = "main::FooBar";
load $package;
$package->$rflmethod;//where rflmethod is the variable: $rflmethod='roquet';

b. approach:

no strict 'refs';
use Package::Stash;
my $stash = Package::Stash->new('main::FooBar');
my $coderef = $stash->get_symbol('&__new');
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This works:

my ($class, $method) = qw(FooBar roquet);
my $f = $class->new;
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