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I'm new to symfony2 & I'm writing an application that requires to have 2 different user types. one is normal user & the other is the one which has same fields as user plus some other extra fields. we design it with foreign key & one-to-one relationship. Now I don't understand how to build two different registration forms with the functionality of FOSUserBundle.i mean i don't know how to override RegistrationController for this purpose

thanks for your answer :)

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I would recommend using the PugxMultiUserBundle. I think that is exactly what you are after, I have been using it for one of my projects and it works like a charm!

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yes.i saw that!but it extends the user class which i think means that all the user feature will be duplicated in the other user(second type).. >>thanks for your answer! – parisssss Feb 3 '13 at 18:58

You can use RollerworksMultiUserBundle:

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