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I have created a Home page controller with a Page method so that it can load inner page views. So I simply pass the Page name as an argument to Page method and it loads that specific view.


So here 1. home is controller 2. page is method 3. copyright is the parameter passed to page() method

So the home age loads simply using this URL


and inner pages load using this url pattern


Now I want to load inner pages so that suppose I use this URL


it should load the page from


How can I do this using Codeigniter Route method or by using .htaccess file ?

Thanks in advance.

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On your application/config/routes.php :

$route['copyright'] = 'home/page/copyright';

Even better:

$route['(:any)'] = 'home/page/$1';

So if you navigate to http://www.domain.com/copyright it routes to home/page/copyright
If you navifate to http://www.domains.com/anything it routes to home/page/anything

EDIT to catch any route

Although in this case you have to "catch" pages that you don t route like:

function page($section = ''){

  case 'contact':  
   //display contact form

  case 'copyright':
  //display copyright

  //404 error
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Agreed, however, OP, I wouldn't do this for entire site, just special pages as that 1). defeats the MVC and 2). sure would fill up your routes.php file and be a bear to maintain. – dmayo Feb 3 '13 at 14:56
worked nicely, I am OK with this method as my website has very few fixed pages. Wonder if there are so many pages then how it should be incorporated ? – aslamdoctor Feb 3 '13 at 14:58

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