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I'm using Redcarpet gem for markdown and i wanna to generate automatic anchors for h2 titles to allow linking to each section.


<div class = "content"><%= markdown(@post.body) %></div>


class HTMLwithPygments < Redcarpet::Render::HTML
  def block_code(code, language)
    Pygments.highlight(code, :lexer => language)

def markdown(text)
  renderer = HTMLwithPygments.new(:hard_wrap => true, :with_toc_data => true)
  options = {
    :fenced_code_blocks => true,
    :no_intra_emphasis => true,
    :autolink => true,
    :strikethrough => true,
    :lax_html_blocks => true,
    :superscript => true,
  Redcarpet::Markdown.new(renderer, options).render(text).html_safe

I read about :with_toc_data => true but it doesn't works for me. I added it in options area.

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It's working for me here. – Timothy Gu Dec 30 '14 at 1:15

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