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How can i generate a unique string from the post title in my C# code ? Similar to the one which appears in the url of this post.

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The string doesn't need to be unique, actually : if you check the URL of this post :


The "real" unique part is the number -- here, 1467402 : it looks like the identifier of the question in the database ; probably some kind of auto-increment / sequence, which is ensured to be unique by the database server.

Actually, you can try to check by yourself if the "title" part matters : go to this URL :


Even though the "title" part is obviously not here, that URL this gets you to this post ;-)

The "title" appearing in the URL is here for two reasons :

  • more user friendly URLs, of course
  • more search-engines / better for referencement URLs, too

To generate this, a couple of thing to do :

  • replace non-ascii characters ; for instance, 'é' will most likely be translated to 'e'
  • replace the other characters you can't replace nicely by '-' as a word-separator.
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+1 - I never thought about that number being the database id. –  James Black Sep 23 '09 at 17:16
I'll admit, I lol'd at "glop"... I may need more sleep. –  Greg Hurlman Sep 23 '09 at 17:17
@James : using an auto-increment in database looks like the easier way to me (and it's what I generally use), so, just guessing, but why not ;;; @Greg : I need more sleep too, actually ^^ –  Pascal MARTIN Sep 23 '09 at 17:19
Take note: Even though it is optional, the unique string is directly associated with url. Check out the canonical element in the source of stackoverflow.com/questions/1467402 . Little things like that make search engines happier. –  Brian Sep 23 '09 at 17:23
does glop mean anything or is it you just randomly selecting 4 characters? ;) –  ming yeow Sep 1 '10 at 19:21

This is a very broad question.

Most of the time when I need to identify something unique, I use a Guid.

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They just replace spaces with a dash, but then you will want to make certain that doesn't already exist.

If it does exist, just add a number to the end.

You notice that they have a number before the unique string, which will reduce the chance of a collision.

You could generate that based on the julian date (number day in the year) and a year, for example.

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Phil Haack posted on this subject in this entry.

You could do something similar but more generic (add an incrementing number on the end).

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If the post titles are unique just use those. Or you could create a message digest signature.

see: http://www.obviex.com/samples/hash.aspx for the long answer.

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