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I have the need to be able to cycle my linksys router via a program, the reason I want to do this is complex, so let's just assume there is no better option.

Is there anyway to do this? I think there is because when I install a firmware update to the router via the admin console, it cycles the router.

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If you can find the function to do that on the router's web interface, you can achieve the same via a suitable HTTP request. Also, you can often telnet to the router and reboot it through its command-line interface. Programmatically you can achieve the same, by using a tool like expect.

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If you have access to the local web interface of the router you might be able to access the "reset" function of the router. You can try to call this via a http request, e.g. via wget. But this depends very much on the router. Some routers also support SNMP or a telnet interface.

Another possibility is to plug the router into an ethernet-connected power strip which can be remotely controlled. These power strips usually have a simple http server build in, so you can individually switch on and off the devices that are connected.

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If it's a Linksys WRT54G, I highly recommend DD-WRT. It's an open source firmware replacement, and it has this feature built in for timed restarts. A programmatic restart with an HTTP request should be quite easy as well, as the restart function is available through the admin GUI.

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