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I'm trying to learn regex in javascript. While doing testing, my mind get confused on seeing the output.

Can you please explain why my output result array has empty string while using * in pattern and not in +.

PS: The inputs taken are just a sample simple string to learn.

Here's my sample code:

a='bb bbbb bbb'
a.match(/(bb)*/g) // O/P is  ["bb","","bbbb","","bb","",""]
a.match(/(bb)+/g) // O/P is ["bb","bbbb","bb"] 
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The *, or Kleene Star, in regular expressions means "zero or more", so it matches empty string.

The + means "one or more" instead, so it does not match empty string.

Given that we have as follows

a = 'bb bbbb bbb';

Let's represent it like this:

a = /^bb bbbb bbb$/;

where ^ is start of string and $ is end of string.

Our pattern is (bb)*. This means that the engine will look for a sequence of two b "zero or more times". This means the pattern matches bb if the sequence is found or empty string otherwise.

Now step by step I'll use a dot (.) to represent regexp analysis.


        STRING              MATCH ARRAY
start - /^.bb bbbb bbb$/ -> [ ]
    1 - /^bb. bbbb bbb$/ -> [ "bb" ]
    2 - /^bb .bbbb bbb$/ -> [ "bb", "" ]
    3 - /^bb bbbb. bbb$/ -> [ "bb", "", "bbbb" ]
    4 - /^bb bbbb .bbb$/ -> [ "bb", "", "bbbb", "", ]
    5 - /^bb bbbb bb.b$/ -> [ "bb", "", "bbbb", "", "bb" ]
    6 - /^bb bbbb bbb.$/ -> [ "bb", "", "bbbb", "", "bb", "", ]
    7 - /^bb bbbb bbb$./ -> [ "bb", "", "bbbb", "", "bb", "", "" ]

In STEP 1 we have pushed bb since the pattern matched one sequence.

In STEP 2 we have pushed "" because the pattern matched empty string.

In STEP 3 we have pushed bbbb because the pattern matched two sequences.

STEP 4 -> STEP 2

STEP 5 -> STEP 1

In STEP 6 we have pushed "" because the pattern matched empty string since, only one b was found.

Finally you encounter $ token and it matches empty string again.

Note that if the string was "bb bbbb bbbb" the array would have been ["bb", "", "bbbb", "", "bbbb", ""]

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which empty string? –  Salman A Feb 3 '13 at 15:58
in grammar context, empty string is an empty set. –  dave Feb 3 '13 at 16:00
@dave ok.but then the output should be as ["bb","","bbbb","","bb"] since the input array has only two empty strings. ie empty string between bb,bbbb & bbbb, bbb. Correct me If im wrong.. –  fewtalks Feb 3 '13 at 16:02
@PSivachandran I wrote a step by step parse to explain the presence of "". –  dave Feb 3 '13 at 16:28

* means "match the preceding group zero or more times". The engine tries to match at the position directly after the first bb in the string. It finds a space, which means that (bb) matched "zero times", resulting in an empty match.

+ means "match the preceding group at least one time", so every match has to include the character sequence bb in your case.

Explanation why you have two empty matches at the end:

The last "word" is bbb. The engine matches bb, no problem here. Then there is one b left. It matchs (bb) "zero times". Then it tries to match at the last position of the string, which is between the last character and the end of the string. It again match es (bb) "zero times".

If you want to know how regular expression engines work in detail, I recommend the book "Mastering Regular Expressions".

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