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Me and a friend are creating an app for facebook. So to keep organized, when we do something and push it to heroku, we add a comment to the commit command such as:

git commit -am "changed logo"

The problem we're having is that in the heroku website, in the activity log, we get messages like:

v34 ************@gmail.com: Deploy ce43e3a less than a minute ago

We used to have the comments appear instead of the "Deploy weirdcode"... What can we do to make that happen again?

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Any help please? –  marcospgp Feb 3 '13 at 16:20

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One way would be to customizing the message of one of the Heroku Deploy hooks.
I remember having done so more than 2 years ago in "Git email hook to include commit message and changed files".

It’s possible to use variables when defining the message, title or subject of any deploy hook attribute.


log of commits between this deploy and the last

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