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I have a table with a cell in it that just contains text. This cell and its parent tr and table tags have no styles applied on them apart from reset.css, vertical-align: top on the td & tr and border-bottom: 1px solid black to make the problem clear for you to see. If there's only one line of text inside the cell, Firefox adds some additional margin that I do not want.

margin in Firefox

In Chrome this is not the case.

(How) can I fix this in Firefox without messing it up in Chrome?

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Can you provide us with a fiddle? I can't seem to reproduce the issue. –  Antony Feb 3 '13 at 16:34
Fixed it. I changed the vertical-align: baseline to vertical-align:top in my copy of reset.css, then it worked, even though it's overwritten in my own stylesheet for the td tag and its parent tr tag (forgot to include this information in the question). –  D_4_ni Feb 3 '13 at 16:48

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I just fixed the issue by changing the vertical-align on all the items in my copy of reset.css from baseline to top. It seems that this is necessary even if the td and tr tags already have their vertical-align set to top.

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