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How does sqlite3 store the records - as text or native data-types.

I changed a column from DOUBLE to INT and there was no difference in the file size.

I realize sqlite3 uses affinity.

But I'm concerned about storage efficiency - i would think an INT would take up less space than a DOUBLE.

Also run-time efficiency. if everything is stored as text - then i assume for a query all the column values would have to be converted to a numeric type and then compared - kinda expensive. (unless it's a key column and then i HOPE it goes stored in a numeric type column).

Any help appreciated - as i start the database design.

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See the FAQ on the SQLite Official Site


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SQLite stores values in a format that is very similar to the native format.

There are multiple storage formats for integers so that smaller values need less bytes. Floating-point values, however, always use 8 bytes per value.

Please note that floating-point values are stored as integers when possible.

Changing the declared column type does affect the file size because the storage type depends only on the value's type.

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