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I've got the following code:

public Button getBtnSubmit(com.vaadin.ui.Button.ClickListener l) {
    if (null != l) {
    return btnSubmit;

public Table getTableCompany(HeaderClickListener hl) {
    if (null != hl) {
    return tableCompany;

I would like to add a listener that fires when I select a (different) row in the table.
This so that I can refresh some other controls with the table data, which listener should I use?

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addListener is deprecated now. Use the following instead.

table.addItemClickListener(new ItemClickEvent.ItemClickListener() {
    public void itemClick(ItemClickEvent itemClickEvent) {
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I would go for ItemClickListener:

 table.addListener(new ItemClickEvent.ItemClickListener() {

            public void itemClick(ItemClickEvent event) {
               //implement your logic here

edit: For Vaadin 7+, use addItemClickListener method instead of addListener.

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If you wish to get the id of the row clicked on then Integer value = (Integer) event.getItem().getItemProperty("id").getValue(); –  Patton Feb 6 '13 at 3:50
what about event.getItemId() ? –  ogzd Feb 6 '13 at 8:20
I believe itemId is different from id, I am speaking about a column that is hidden and whose value is used for processing at the backend. –  Patton Feb 6 '13 at 8:29
This is now deprecated ib Vaadin 7, the answer from Ishan Thilina Somasiri is the correct one –  user2393012 Jun 2 at 17:59

You want to add a ValueChangeListener

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If you use the ValueChangeListener don't forget to set


This means that the browser will report a change on selection immediately. If you don't set this your listener is not called.

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Read https://vaadin.com/book/-/page/components.table.html, section 5.15.1 "Selecting Items in a Table". You want to add a Property.ValueChangeListener.

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