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I'm having trouble writing a function that creates a struct and fills in the fields with data passed in as parameters. I'm very new to C, so this is very challenging for me.

I created a struct called 'Employee' which has fields for name, birth year, and start year.

typedef struct {
    char* name;
    int birthyear;
    int startyear;
}   Employee;

For the function I created, I keep getting errors about dereferncing pointers to incomplete types. Also, I get an error for invalid application of sizeof to incomplete type struct Employee.

Employee* make_employee(char *name, int birthyear, int startyear) {
    struct Employee* newemployee = (struct Employee*)malloc(sizeof(struct Employee));
    newemployee->name = name;
    newemployee->birthyear = birthyear;
    newemployee->startyear = startyear;
    return newemployee;

I'm sure I'm just making very simple mistakes, but help and explanation would be very much appreciated!

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You don't need to cast the return value of malloc() in a C program. –  Carl Norum Feb 3 '13 at 17:53

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Your only problem is this line:

struct Employee* newemployee = (struct Employee*)malloc(sizeof(struct Employee));

The struct keywords are wrong in your case. Because of the way you defined and typedefed your structure, there is no such type struct Employee - only the simple typedef Employee is valid. Just delete all three struct there and you should be fine:

Employee *newemployee = malloc(sizeof(Employee));

I deleted the unnecessary cast for clarity.

Alternatively, you could change your structure definition to include a structure name, rather than just making an anonymous structure and typdefing it:

typedef struct Employee {
    char *name;
    int birthyear;
    int startyearl
} Employee;
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That fixed it! Thanks so much. Now I have to make a function that prints the struct after being created, but that shouldn't be too bad. Thanks a ton! –  Joe Hill Feb 3 '13 at 17:58

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