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I have the following code, trying to integrate a function f with respect to the variable t, but needing to accept the parameter cfb (which has to be calculated beforehand). How do I pass in cfb via the int() function?

f = @(t) (cfb.*t)

... cfb = %Something

d = integral(f, 0, upperLimit)

How do I change this code so that f can take both t (from integral) and cfb as parameters? I tried just changing it so f=@(t,cfb) and integral(f(cfb)..., but that just resulted in an error that f wasn't taking in enough parameters.

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Your idea of using an anonymous function is good. Just define cfb before that.

cfb = %Something
f = @(t) (cfb.*t)
d = integral(f, 0, upperLimit)
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Thanks for the help! –  camdroid Feb 3 '13 at 18:27

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