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I am using NETBeans IDE for developing an annotation processor. I have written the annotation processor and then convert it to a JAR and then add this JAR as a referenced library to another java application where i am using the annotations.

Now my question is inside the annotation processor if i want to access the source files( the ones which are annotated) then i try to get a FileObject using the below code

FileObject source = processingEnv.getFiler().getResource(StandardLocation.SOURCE_PATH,"","demo/");

but its returning null. Here demo is the package which has the annotated class . When i read the documentation of StandardLocation class it says for it to work it must be supported , Could somebody help me solve this or guide me as to how to obtain the FileObject.


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Have you tried just using javac? Have you tried: getResource(StandardLocation.SOURCE_PATH,"demo","") ? These are just thoughts -- the getResource method specifies that CLASS_OUTPUT and SOURCE_OUTPUT must be supported but remains silent on SOURCE_PATH. –  jbunting Feb 5 '13 at 13:25
@jbunting , ya i have tries putting "demo" as the second parameter as you have suggested , but its been an abortive attempt. i keep getting null. and have tried using javac too :( –  yash6 Feb 6 '13 at 5:42

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