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For some reason, adding a transition breaks my two clipPaths. This works perfectly:

// Append path first
var svg = d3.select(this).selectAll("svg").data([data]);
var gEnter = svg.enter().append("svg").append("g");
gEnter.append("clipPath").attr("class", "above").attr("id", "clip-above").append("path");
gEnter.append("clipPath").attr("class", "below").attr("id", "clip-below").append("path");

// Later, attach data
var g = svg.select("g")
g.select("#clip-above path").attr("d", area.y0(0));
g.select("#clip-below path").attr("d", area.y0(height));

But if I add a transition, the entire area is just colored by area-below:

// Later, attach data
var g = svg.select("g")
g.select("#clip-above path").transition().duration(500).attr("d", area.y0(0));
g.select("#clip-below path").transition().duration(500).attr("d", area.y0(height));

Any idea what's happening?

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It was a bug in d3.v2. Always be sure to update!

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