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i have function

private function updateCharacters($oApiKeyInfo) // argument is base entity
    $aXmlCharacter = $this->fXml->getXmlRowset($this->oXml, 'row');
    // insert new
    foreach ($aXmlCharacter as $oXmlCharacter)
        $loopData = $this->fXml->getXmlAttributesAsArray($oXmlCharacter);

        $oApiKeyInfoCharacters = new apiKeyInfoCharacters();



// $this->em->flush() is in main (public) function

but, it creates dublicates... and i want that in db was ONLY that entries that is in $aXmlCharacter (array), others must be deleted

now code above is only adding new entries, but i need remove previous

can someone help to deal with it? and please show working examples

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Dublicate entries i can not see any definition for uniquenes.
Deleting an Object vom database is simple as the documentation shows.

$product = $em->getRepository('YourBundle::apiKeyInfoCharacters')->find($id);

But why do you want to delete the existing one instead of updating?

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how can i update them? i need old "delete" new "insert" existing "update" – user1954544 Feb 3 '13 at 22:13
please read the documentation – Fusselchen Feb 4 '13 at 1:05

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