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I create a window for use setting, it contains a hotkey control and an apply button. In normal way, the button is gray, but I want it be usable when the user set an new hotkey in the hotkey control.

I read the relation content in MSDN, but it seems hotkey control doesn't notify its parent window if the hotkey changed.

I don't want to query the hotkey (and compare with the original value) every 0.5 second.

Any suggestion is appreciated!

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Yes, it does notify the parent window - via an EN_CHANGE notification in the WM_COMMAND message. The MSDN documentation says as much:

Hot Key Controls:

Hot Key Control Notifications

The hot key control does not send any notification messages via the WM_NOTIFY message. It will, however, send the EN_CHANGE notification via the WM_COMMAND message when the user changes the contents of the control.

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yes, i just miss the key. Thank you very much! – ddh Sep 24 '09 at 6:02

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