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function Scale(){
    X = innerWidth / 1024;
    Y = innerHeight / 768;

    Z = document.getElementById("IFM"); = "scale(X, Y)";

I have a problem with this code. I couldn't use variables in scale!
What can I do with this problem?

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How would you think are string contents distinguished from variables? – Bergi Feb 3 '13 at 18:37
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JavaScript has no inline string variables. All you can do is concatenate strings: = "scale("+X+", "+Y+")";

The numbers will be implicitly converted to strings.

You might as well use some custom sprintf-like format- or replace-methods, but usually concatenation with + is simpler.

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You beat me to it. – Austin Mullins Feb 3 '13 at 18:40

You either build the string with concats / plus or use String.prototype.replace. = "scale(" + X + "," + Y + ")";

or with a helper like

String.prototype.sFormat = function _simpleFormat( map ) {
    var myString    = this.toString(),
        args        = map instanceof Array ? map : arguments );

    while( ~myString.indexOf( '%r' ) ) {
        myString = myString.replace( '%r', args.shift() );

    return myString;

.. and then go like = "scale(%r, %r)".sFormat(X,Y);
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Change that line to: = "scale(" + X +", "+ Y + ")";
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try this way "scale(" +X+ "," +Y+ ")";

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