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I've created a grails app that uses spring security to allow a user to authenticate via facebook, and I can successfully print out the facebook username onto one of the views, so thus far I don't have any issues.

My problem lies when trying to bootstrap my application with some sample data for my given facebook user, so I don't have to enter it every time the application starts up.

This is how I'm trying to bootstrap my own facebook account, I have the following in Bootstrap.groovy :

def adminRole = new AppRole(authority: 'ROLE_ADMIN').save(flush: true)
def userRole = new AppRole(authority: 'ROLE_USER').save(flush: true)

def testUser = new AppUser(username: 'facebook_563645402', enabled: true,
                    password: 'my-hashed-pw-here',
            surveys: [jamies])
            testUser.save(flush: true)

AppUserAppRole.create testUser, adminRole, true

For the record, I've added a hasMany for the surveys field mentioned above onto AppUser.

When I fire up the app and try to connect, I get the following error :

Validation Error(s) occurred during save(): - Field error in object 'web.AppUser' on field 'username': rejected value [facebook_563645402]; codes [web.AppUser.username.unique.error.web.AppUser.username,web.AppUser.username.unique.error.username,web.AppUser.username.unique.error.java.lang.String,web.AppUser.username.unique.error,appUser.username.unique.error.web.AppUser.username,appUser.username.unique.error.username,appUser.username.unique.error.java.lang.String,appUser.username.unique.error,web.AppUser.username.unique.web.AppUser.username,web.AppUser.username.unique.username,web.AppUser.username.unique.java.lang.String,web.AppUser.username.unique,appUser.username.unique.web.AppUser.username,appUser.username.unique.username,appUser.username.unique.java.lang.String,appUser.username.unique,unique.web.AppUser.username,unique.username,unique.java.lang.String,unique]; arguments [username,class web.AppUser,facebook_563645402]; default message [Property [{0}] of class [{1}] with value [{2}] must be unique]

Which appears to complain about the username not being unique.

If by trying to bootstrap some data breaks the unique constraints on the facebook username, how can I possibly ever pre define any data for a user?

A quick Googling brings up a few suggestions (link1, Grails spring security bootstrap, but so far they haven't helped, any ideas?

EDIT: Delving deeper into the error that grails reports, I can see that the root of the above error is located in DefaultFacebookAuthDao, line 135, which mentions the following :

AppUserDomainClazz.withTransaction {
                    appUser.save(flush: true, failOnError: true)

So, by authenticating, spring security attempts to save a user domain object...

EDIT 2 :

This is my Bootstrap.groovy

def testUser = new AppUser(username: 'facebook_563645402', enabled: true,
                        password: 'my-hashed-pw', surveys: [new Survey(1)])

                def fbUser = new FacebookUser(uid: 563645402)
                fbUser.save(flush: true)

Both FacebookUser and AppUser were generated via the spring security facebook quickstart, with the only change being to add static hasMany = [surveys: Survey] to AppUser.

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It looks like the data has already been predefined, otherwise there wouldn't be a unique constraint violation. Just check for the existence of the data and only create it if needed:

def adminRole = AppRole.findOrSaveByAuthority('ROLE_ADMIN')
def userRole = AppRole.findOrSaveByAuthority('ROLE_USER')

String username = 'facebook_563645402'

if (!AppUser.findByUsername(username)) {
   def testUser = new AppUser(username: username, enabled: true,
                              password: 'my-hashed-pw-here')

   AppUserAppRole.create testUser, adminRole, true
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Thanks Burt, but when I authenticate the user via facebook it still displays the unique constraint error. Looks like the bootstrap didn't encounter a problem, but more the login..does login attempt to create an additional AppUser therefore violate a unique constraint on username? – Jimmy Feb 3 '13 at 19:06

Spring Security Facebook tries to create a new user with same username (facebook_563645402). Because it cannot find it by uid.

As I see from you code, you just create an user, with filled username, but it's not a facebook user, and uid field isn't filled. So, the plugin cannot find any facebook user and tries to create a new one, using 'facebook_563645402' username by default.

There two ways: or change username for user created in Bootstrap (if it's not a facebook user), or create a Facebook User also (will be used for authentication).

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Thanks Igor, but I believe your suggestion is not quite enough to solve this question, I have tried to create a FacebookUser but I still face the same constraint violation (see edit2 for what I have used in bootstrap) – Jimmy Feb 4 '13 at 19:47
try def fbUser = new FacebookUser(uid: 563645402, user: testUser) – Igor Artamonov Feb 5 '13 at 2:34

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