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I want to achieve, with a Neo4j graph a RDBMS's ability to define and enforce a known schema. We know what our graph should look like (all the edge types and node types). So we simply want to prevent someone (developer/user) from adding an edge or node type which is "invalid" i.e. not part of the defined graph schema. How can we enforce a graphs schema? Note I am not asking about how to enforce the properties of an edge or a graph but simply how to enforce that the graph is made up if a specific set of known edge and node types. Please help

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You can also look into ecosystem projects like beta.sylvadb.com –  Michael Hunger Feb 3 '13 at 22:33

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This should probably be done on the application side. Build a wrapper/API that enforces this sort of thing, and make the developers use it. Sorry for the short answer...

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Most of the language drivers or frameworks listed here provide means to define a schema:


For Java we developed structr (https://github.com/structr/structr) where you define your schema in Java beans. You could start f.e. with the simple Maven archetype as shown in this screencast: http://vimeo.com/53235075

Cheers Axel

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