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I have a file with headers containing '#' then the data which is comma separated. i.e

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
7, 8, 9,10,11,12

I want to be able to skip the # and turn the data into an array (histograms over the columns). This reads it in.

filename = 'input.txt'
listin = []
for line in open(filename,'r'):
    if not li.startswith("#"):
        line = line.partition('#')[0]
        #line = line.rstrip()

data = numpy.asarray(listin)

hist,nbins = np.histogram(SubData)

TypeError: cannot perform reduce with flexible type
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You need to convert your data to a numeric type. Your array contains strings.

listin.append([int(token) for token in line.split(',')])

Also, you need to rstrip each line to remove the line break character.

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You can also use numpy loadtxt like

from numpy import loadtxt
data = loadtxt("input.txt", comments="#", delimiter=",", unpack=True)

returns the data in column:

array([[  1.,   7.],
   [  2.,   8.],
   [  3.,   9.],
   [  4.,  10.],
   [  5.,  11.],
   [  6.,  12.]])

Use unpack=False to load the file in row.

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