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Are writes to linux block devices atomic?

e.g. Process 1 writes 4kb of data aligned at a 4kb boundary to a block device. The block size for the device are also setup to be 4kb. If application 1 does the write, is it guaranteed that application 2 that may do the read (again 4kb) either will see the old data, or the new data, but not something in the between?

Another scenario would be that both Process 1 and Process 2 write the same 4kb block. In this case would the result be that at any point in time if a read is done, it will return only one of

  1. data without any changes from P1 and P2
  2. data written from P1
  3. data written from P2

It should not return some data of P1 and P2.

Is this something guaranteed by the block device modules?

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Standard concurrency rant: If you have reason to believe race conditions might occur in your code, head them off explicitly using some form of synchronisation. This goes for any shared resource, whether it's data in memory or on disk. Even if the driver guarantees the above it probably doesn't guarantee correct behaviour of your whole program. –  millimoose Feb 3 '13 at 20:16