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I am new to After Effects scripting but have much experience with JavaScript in the browser.

  1. How do I import .jsx files?
  2. Can I use js libraries such as underscore.js etc?
  3. What are some good resources for AE scripting? (Ideally infographics projects)
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  1. To include a .jsx next to your script use:

    #include "includeme.jsx"

  2. You can use plain old javascript. If the libraries you include use some browser specific js (like console.log()) you will get an error

  3. Best resource is the AECS6 scripting guide. There are also lots of open source scripts on http://aescripts.com that you can examine

EDIT: You can also include a file like this.

var path = ((File($.fileName)).path); // this is the path of the script
// now build a path to another js file
// e.g. json lib https://github.com/douglascrockford/JSON-js
var libfile = File(path +'/_libs/json2.js');
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Thanks Fabian! I tried that earlier but then it didn't work. Not sure what I did wrong. –  dani Feb 4 '13 at 15:43
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