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I'm looking for a way to translate the "Required" message to portuguese or to any html I want to, to add an icon for example, any suggestions on this ?

this is the field template I'm using :

<div class="clearfix @if(elements.hasErrors) {error} control-group">

    <label class="control-label" for="">@elements.label</label>

    <div class="input controls">


        <span class="help-inline">@elements.infos.mkString(", ")</span> 

        <span class="errors badge badge-important">@elements.errors.mkString(", ")</span>


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Either you wrap the @elements.infos in a Messages() call:

<span class="help-inline"> => Messages(i)).mkString(", ")</span>

or if you are talking about Play's default required messages, then you'll have to specify error.required in your messages file (though I'm not sure if this actually works in 2.0.x).

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great forgot that I can use Messages over there too !! :P – hamilton.lima Feb 4 '13 at 20:19

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