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I recently setup an IAM role for accessing a bucket with the following policy:

  "Statement": [
      "Sid": "Stmt1359923112752",
      "Action": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Resource": [

While I can list the contents of the bucket fine, when I call get_contents_to_filename on a particular key, I receive a boto.exception.S3ResponseError: S3ResponseError: 403 Forbidden exception.

Is there a role permission that I need to add to fetch keys from S3? I have checked the permissions on the individual key, and there appears to be nothing that explicitly forbids access to other users; there is only a single permission that grants the owner full permissions.

For completeness, I verified that removing the role policy above prevents access to the bucket completely thus it's not an issue with the policy being applied.


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You have to give permission to the objects in the bucket, not just to the bucket. So your resource would have to be arn:aws:s3:::<bucketname>/*. That matches every object.

Unfortunately, that doesn't match the bucket itself. So you either need to give bucket related permissions to arn:aws:s3:::<bucketname> and object permissions to arn:aws:s3:::<bucketname>/*, or just give permissions to arn:aws:s3:::<bucketname>*. Though in that latter case, giving permissions to a bucket named fred would also give the same permissions to one named freddy.

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Thanks! I just saw this related question about the same time: stackoverflow.com/questions/8203598/… – bboe Feb 3 '13 at 20:57

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