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I'm fairly new to using source control, and using Team Foundation Server.

This issue seems similar to this post: (but on different platforms and editions of Visual Studio)

Visual Studio isn't tracking changes or checking out files from source control

I'm VPN'd into my work computer (WIN8 - Enterprise) from my home computer (XP SP3 - Pro).

Note: In order to address an issue with Network Level Authentication (NLA) (Which may or may not be relevant), I performed these steps: Enabling Network Level Authentication on Windows XP Service Pack 3 for access to Server 2008 via Remote Desktop

The issue is, when I 'check in' my changes.. they are not commiting. In the Source Control Explorer window, I see the 'pending change' column is still stating 'add'. There is no value in the 'Last Check-In' column for any of my solution folders or files. There is a 'Build Process Template' folder that was generated when I created the Team Foundation Project initially, which has a datetime value type in the 'Last Check-In' column.

... nevermind, I just discovered the 'solution' to this. It seems commenting the 'Check-In' is an un-indicated requirement to the check-in process. Comments are added in the 'Team Explorer' Window -> 'Pending Changes' scoped.

If it is indicated somewhere in VS2012, please post that as an answer, and I'll mark it as such. any other relevant information will be appreciated as well, like whether there is a settings area that affects this check-in process behavior.

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Requiring Comments on check-in is actually a Team Project level option.


  • TEAM
  • Team Project Settings
  • Source Control...
  • Check-in Policy tab.

From there you can remove the policy if not required.

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Well, the only check-in policy stated, which I created/added.. was a successful build policy. Is there policies being inherited, and enforced, somewhere that are not presented in this list. – Brett Caswell Feb 3 '13 at 21:49
No there should not be one, except for the Check-in Notes, not sure whether that's the type of comment you were looking for, Team, Team Project Settings, Source Control, Check-in notes, verify that there are no [] Required checkboxes ticked. – jessehouwing Feb 3 '13 at 23:23

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