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Is there a way to change the source of an HTML image using javascript based on variables? I am thinking of something like this:

var image = 1;

if(image == 1) {
    document.getElementById('myImage').src = "images/one.png";
} else if(image == 2) {
    document.getElementById('myImage').src = "images/two.png";
} else {
    alert("You have a weird variable value");

Please tell me how I can get this to work using an if...then or switch statement. Thanks!

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you can easily check to see if this works yourself: jsfiddle.net –  John Feb 3 '13 at 21:37

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= is an assignment. An assignment statement evaluates as itself. So if(image=1) means "assign 1 to image, then if 1 is true…". (1 is always a true value).

To compare two values use === (or == if you want type munging).

if (image === 1) {


} else if (image === 2) {
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