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I want to add checkbox to each row of a stringGrid in c++ builder. As i know it is not possible for each cell of a specific column having its own child control. so what should i do

for (int i = 1; i < this->StringGrid1->RowCount; i++) {
    TCheckBox *l=new TCheckBox(this->StringGrid1);

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Sounds like you need virtual tree view –  David Heffernan Feb 3 '13 at 22:49

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It is technically possible to put child controls in a TStringGrid (your example code is just missing an l->Parent = StringGrid1 assignment), but it is not easy to manage such controls, especially if the grid is scrollable.

A better solution is to owner-draw the grid, by switching to a TDrawGrid and use its OnDrawCell event, so you can call the Win32 API DrawFrameControl() or DrawThemeBackground() function to draw images of checkboxes onto your grid. You can then use a separate array/list to keep track of the checkbox "states", and use the grid's OnMouse... events to toggle those "states" as needed, calling the grid's Invalidate() method whenever a checkbox changes "state" so you can trigger a repaint to display it. But if you go this route, you are better off switching to a virtual ListView or virtuaal TreeView instead of using a grid.

An alternative solution is to switch to a TListView that has its ViewStyle property set to vsReport mode and its CheckBoxes property set to true.

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