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Please checkout this jsfiddle, when I click on a tag anchor I want the tag menu (div) to appear next to the anchor element but from the TOP RIGHT instead of the TOP LEFT, I have tried playing with the offset but I have not been successful thus far.

Here's the code:


     <div id="tag-menu"></div>
 <span class="edit-tags-wrapper" style="float:right;">
   <a rel="tag" title="show questions tagged 'jquery'" class="post-tag" href="#">jquery</a>
<a rel="tag" title="show questions tagged 'animation'" class="post-tag" href="#">animation</a>
<a rel="tag" title="show questions tagged 'tags'" class="post-tag" href="#">tags</a>
<a rel="tag" title="" class="post-tag" href="#">stackoverflow</a>


  var $this = $(this);
  var offset = $this.offset(); 
  var myPos = {X:offset.left, Y:offset.top+26}; 
  $('#tag-menu').css({left:myPos.X, top:myPos.Y, width:300, height:200}).toggle();


     border-right:1px solid #3E6D8E;
     border-bottom:1px solid #3E6D8E;
     padding:2px 5px;


     box-shadow:0 2px 3px #000;

or you can checkout the JSFIDDLE to run it:


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  var $this = $(this);
  var offset = $this.offset();
  var thisW = $(this).outerWidth(); 
  var myPos = {X:offset.left+thisW-300, Y:offset.top+26}; 
  $('#tag-menu').css({left:myPos.X, top:myPos.Y, width:300, height:200}).toggle();

you need to take in account the menu width and the button outerWidth() to make that one work by simply doing: X:offset.left + thisW - 300

happy coding!

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Thank you very much roXon that is exactly what I wanted, you are a genius! I don't know if you remember but this is the demo you created a while back for another question I asked here. –  Eric Bergman Feb 3 '13 at 22:02
@EricBergman ohh! thanks! really! wow! that's why your name was so familiar! You're welcome! (yes! and the demo was kinda familiar too :) ) –  Roko C. Buljan Feb 3 '13 at 22:03
@EricBergman stackoverflow.com/questions/14200320/… :) –  Roko C. Buljan Feb 3 '13 at 22:05


Use $(window).width() to know the screen size


  var $this = $(this);
  var offset = $this.offset(); 
  var menuWidth = 300;
  var menuHeight = 200;
  var myPos = {X:$(window).width() - menuWidth, Y:offset.top+26}; 
  $('#tag-menu').css({left:myPos.X, top:myPos.Y, width:menuWidth, height:menuHeight}).toggle();
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Right now it displays from TOP LEFT, I want it to Display from TOP RIGHT and your JSFIDDLE edit if you notice the tag-menu is not aligned with the tag element when you click on it. The Tag Menu should appear below the tag element, I want the BOTTOM RIGHT of the Tag Element to align with the TOP RIGHT of the Tag Menu Div. –  Eric Bergman Feb 3 '13 at 21:57
Answer updated. –  sdespont Feb 3 '13 at 22:02

You specifically fix the #tag-menu left.

$('#tag-menu').css({left:myPos.X, top:myPos.Y, width:300, height:200}).toggle();

How about fixing it right?

$('#tag-menu').css({right:myPos.X+300, top:myPos.Y, width:300, height:200}).toggle();
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