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I'm using Eclipse Juno to debug a java class while testing with junit, but the debugger has been acting flakey. I will reach the breakpoint I want and all seems well with the variable values, but in my console, all of the print statements I set up later in the code are popping out as if I were stepping through it!

(note: they aren't printing as fast as they normally would if I had simply run it, and the output itself is a bit garbled compared to normal output).

Somehow, the code is executing through without me pressing a button. If I try to step through, my view of the code and variables is correct, but debugging stops once Eclipse thinks the program has finished.

Something I should probably mention is that I recently put Fedora on my laptop, so I haven't been running eclipse on it for very long and this is my first time trying junit. Is is possible that I need to download something for my debugger?

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Do you have any watch expressions in your debugger? –  Jon Skeet Feb 3 '13 at 22:03
Is your code using multi-threading? If so you might be breaking one thread while other threads continue running. –  Jim Garrison Feb 3 '13 at 22:19
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