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I am using ExtUtils::MakeMaker to manage one of my Perl libraries. The testing framework is setup the usual way with several test files in the ./t directory.

If I want run all the tests in the ./t directory, I run make test.

If I want to run the tests in a single file in the ./t directory, I run make TEST_FILES=./t/test01.t test.

How do I run all the tests in two (or more) of the test files? I tried make TEST_FILES=./t/test01.t,./t/test02.t test but that does not work.

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Would you be amenable to a solution like make test01 test02? Or maybe make run_test01 run_test02? – Beta Feb 3 '13 at 22:45

Use spaces to separate files; use quotes to bind spaces to the TEST_FILES assignment.

make test TEST_FILES="t/test01.t t/test02.t"

If all of the tests have similar names, you can often specify them with shell wildcards, too

make test TEST_FILES=t/test0[12].t
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