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I am new to Git/GitHub. I do have an Eclipse Indigo Joomla 2.5 workspace on an freshly installed Joomla instance. I can launch an http request, set a breakpoint somewhere in the Joomla code and start stepping into the code in a debug session. So, working environment !

I would like to contribute to a third party Joomla module hosted on GitHub. How can I clone the code of the module from the GitHub repo and start making improvements to it. I also plan to work on other third party modules or plugins later, from the same workspace if this is possible.

My concern is: how do I setup EGit so that I can have several independant local Git repo in the same workspace and add, branch, merge, push on them independantly ? Thanks for your answer !


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I did configure EGit using the info belpw, i.e. with an upstream remote in addition to my fork on GitHub. I did add a submodule. But I can't do any add to the index or commit. Finally I gave up using EGit and did switch to TortoiseGit which nicely and intuitively covers all the Git features ! –  Jean-Pierre Schnyder Feb 8 '13 at 22:06

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How can I clone the code of the module from the GitHub repo and start making improvements to it

You need to fork it first, and then make some pull requests.

You can add each of those repos in your Eclipse workspace (see adding a repository manually).
However, you would need to manage branches and pushing for each and every repos.

I would also advise to add for each repo the remote address of the original upstream repo:

upstream repo

That way, you can easily rebase your work on top of the latest of the original repo you have forked.

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