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I'm working on a html structure consisting of a div containing several article elements. On a button press, some jquery gets the content from a server for a new article element, substitutes this into a template, and appends this to the div. Another function deletes all elements with class deletenext takes the top element, selected with article:first and adds the deletenext class to it- This class is hidden in css, but can be restored.

These are tied to a keypress.

The setup works perfectly without the AJAX part- I can scroll through the elements by calling the function from the console, or with the keypress. When I include just the AJAX section, that works perfectly too.

But when I use both called as func1();func2, either from the console or from keypress, I get problems- Normally the ajax only runs, and The div keeps getting longer, but occasionally, seemingly at random, the delete function will delete a few lines. Calling either function on its own, or alternatively from the console works fine, as long as Not in the same run. Order doesn't seem to matter, so it seems to not be a synchronisation problem(scrollDown is all synchronous functions, and it shouldn't matter)

Relevant Code shown below.

function scrollDown(callbackck) {
    $('.content article:first').addClass("deletenext");
function scrollUp() {
    $('.content article.deletenext').removeClass("deletenext");
function loadNext() {
    $.getJSON('test.json', function (data) {
        $('.content').append("<article><h1>" + data.title + "</h1><section class='articlecontent'>" + data.content + "<section></article>");
$(document).bind('keydown', function(e) {
    if (e.keyCode == 75) {
    else if (e.keyCode == 74) {
    return false;
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From the callbackck parameter on scrollDown, it looks like you may have already tried calling loadNext as a callback - did that have the same problem? –  Jonathan Sayce Feb 3 '13 at 23:03
Indeed it did. Sorry, should have mentioned. –  drcable Feb 4 '13 at 8:18

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