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Hi I am struggling to format numbers like the documentation for NumberFormat.getInstance() says. (Windows 7, NetBeans, Java 7)

I have first gone into regional settings and removed us english, us english keyboards and everything. I set it all to French and France. I even rebooted my pc. My code is:

System.setProperty("user.language", "fr");
System.setProperty("user.country", "FR");
System.setProperty("user.language.display", "fr");
System.setProperty("user.country.display", "FR");
System.setProperty("user.language.format", "fr");
System.setProperty("user.country.format", "FR");
Locale locale = new Locale("French", "France");
Locale.setDefault(Locale.Category.DISPLAY, locale);
Locale.setDefault(Locale.Category.FORMAT, locale);
java.text.NumberFormat nf = java.text.NumberFormat.getInstance();

Despite all of this, the program prints "4.5". I don't understand, for French France this should be "4,5". What more do I need to do?

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This is the problem:

Locale locale = new Locale("French", "France");

It should be:

Locale locale = new Locale("fr", "FR");

Or just use Locale.FRENCH.

Additionally, you don't need to set any properties or change the default locale. Just fetch the NumberFormat for the locale you're interested in.

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It's a lot easier than that...

    Locale locale = Locale.FRENCH;

will initialize the variable with the french locale, and

    java.text.NumberFormat nf = java.text.NumberFormat.getInstance(locale);

will get you a NumberFormat for that locale.

EDIT: as you're using NetBeans, two tips to avoid this kind of trouble in the future:

When you type

    Locale locale = new Locale(

followed by ctrl-space NetBeans will pop up a list of possible completions of that statement, with for each alternative a small window showing the JavaDoc.

Alternatively, when the cursor is on Locale NetBeans will bring up a browser window with the JavaDoc when you press Alt-F1 or rightclick, Show JavaDoc.

Java's library is well documented, and having the documentation come up with just one keystroke is a real timesaver.

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