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I'm working on a program that reads data from a file and inputs it into an array. It seems like it should work, however I get an odd output from the program (no error, it runs, just gives me a weird result).

Here's my code:

    Scanner s = new Scanner(new File("../Computer/src/computers/computer.txt"));
    String[] comps = new String[2];

    int i = 0;

    while (s.hasNextLine()) {
        comps[i] = s.nextLine();


The output that I get is:

BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 1 second)

Also, my text file looks like this, if it's a problem with my text file:

12344555 Dell Intel 499.99
23623626 Asus AMD 299.99
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You are reading file correctly, but printing array in incorrect way.

Use below to print your array.

    for(int j =0;j<comps.length;j++)
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Thanks a lot, that was a big help. –  user2038224 Feb 4 '13 at 0:34

You can't print an array like that. The output you're getting is the default toString() from Object which outputs the hashcode.

You have to iterate through it and print each String

for (String s : comps)
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