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I am trying to create a mysql user and assign it to the created database.

I have tried setting $db_host as IP address, FQD, localhost (since I am running from the same server) etc. All of these has no success.

Any advice on what I'm doing wrong? (xmlapi.php is being incuded fine)

$db_host = "usingfullyqualifieddomain";
$cpuser = "myuser";
$cppass = "mypass";

$xmlapi = new xmlapi($db_host);
//create database
print $xmlapi->api1_query($cpuser, "Mysql", "adddb", 'myDatabaseName');
//create user
print $xmlapi->api1_query($cpuser, "Mysql", "adduser", array('user' => 'myDBUser','pass'=>'myDBPwd')); 
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The error is probably related to the way you're making your first service call, to create the database. Here is how I do it, on CPanel 11:

$auth_user = 'XXXXXX'; 
$auth_pass = 'XXXXX'; 
$server = 'XXXXXXXX.com';
$json_client = new \xmlapi($server);

$json_client->password_auth($auth_user, $auth_pass);

# Create Database
$result = $json_client->api1_query( $auth_user, 'Mysql', 'adddb', array($shop->alias));

Note that the fourth parameter should be an array with the parameters, and not a string as you are doing it.

Also notice that the print on the api call result is not very useful for debugging. Try var_dump'ing it, as it will show you some more interesting information to work on.

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