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Can someone help, i'm trying to move all of the data from one row/all the clolumns and put it into another table.

So i have a table called ptb_registrations where users information will be sent to and stored, then i want to have this data be copied into ptb_users and then be deleted from ptb_registrations afterwards.

I have an auto_increment on a column called id in my ptb_registrations table so i can use that to identify which row to be copied.

The idea is that after a user registers they recieve an email with a verify link and upon clicking that link somehow the id is echoed (possibly by email WHERE emial = ) and then my code would then go ahead and copy all of id 1's row of data from ptb_registrations and copy into ptb_users for that user.

Here's something i started on, can anyone show me and point me in the right direction?



    $sql=mysql_query("INSERT INTO `ptb_users` SELECT * FROM `ptb_registrations`");

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Why not just have a "verified" column in your user table? Set to 0 upon registration and 1 upon verification.

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because then i have thousands of unverified users i have to sort through and delete. –  Eric Johnson Feb 4 '13 at 2:07
It's best to keep a record, so if they try to register you tell them they already have and need to verify their account. Also, why do you expect so many users not to verify their accounts? –  user1716672 Feb 4 '13 at 2:26

you are creating more work for you. To check if the user exists/changing password/editing user data.. You will have to constantly reference two tables in your database and end up possibly duplicating your code (code duplication = bad practice) --

and in terms of deleting the unverified users.. You can set a cronjob to run on either a daily,weekly,monthly process to automatically delete the unverified users... Example:

3 Days after registration and still not verified - Email user stating unverified accounts will be deleted

1 week after registration and still not verified - Issue a final warning stating the date their account will be deleted

2 weeks - DELETE FROM tabl WHERE Verified=0 issue notification that their account has been removed from your system.

As you provided no in-depth code of what you have tried, I will not include any hints apart from cronjobs.

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