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        var newrow =
     "<tr id=" + mahs + ">"
    + "<td id=\"stt\">" + $("#txtIncrement").val() + "</td>"
    + "<td id=\"mahs\">" + mahs + "</td>"
    + "<td id=\"fullname\">" + $("#txtFullname").val() + "</td>"
    + "<td id=\"delete\">" + "<a href=\"#\"><img src=\"/Contents/Images/delete.png\" style=\"width:30px;height:30px;\" alt=\"\" /></a>" + "</td>"
    + "</tr>");

I use this code to add a new row to table(tbContent) in div tags below.

 <div  id="scrollpanel" class="cvleft" style="height:417px; overflow:scroll;">
        <table id="tbContent">


How can I focus that row when it added to table ? Thanks!

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2 Answers

Assuming you're trying to scroll to the bottom of the div after you enter a new row, try something like this:

var height = $('#scrollpanel')[0].scrollHeight;

Or if you'd like to have it animated:

var height = $('#scrollpanel')[0].scrollHeight;
$("#scrollpanel").animate({ scrollTop: height}, 1000);

Good luck.

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thank you! it works –  user2036284 Feb 4 '13 at 2:47
Glad we could help. If any of the answers were useful, please accept. Good luck. –  sgeddes Feb 4 '13 at 2:49
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How bout trying -- using jquery when the row is added maybe like -->


How can I focus on a given table's row using javascript/jquery?

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