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It's really long to type in all the nesting objects in actionscript and it makes it difficult to rename objects.

Within Flash if I don't use external actionscript files, I can type in gunmovie.play(); and it works. Where gunmovie is the instance name of a MovieClip.

In an external actionscript file I have implemented the class MegaWeapon, but within its code I would have to know the entire object path to access things within the flash UI. Example:

// works

// doesn't work

// works, but not in external actionscript files

In objective C there is: IBOutlet. I really hope Flash 9 has something similar. Absolute paths is not good.

I don't have my work computer beside me, so code is from memory.

Any simple way to access nested element?

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If accessing elements directly by "this.gunmovie" doesn't work, that simply means that "this" doesn't refer to the scope you think it does. There's no need to access things from the root, you simply need to work out what scope "this" is in, and refer to the object from that scope. –  fenomas Sep 24 '09 at 4:53
@fenomas great to hear. I was really worried that everything needed to be referred to from the _root. –  neoneye Sep 24 '09 at 7:22

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I recommend creating a function in MegaWeapon.as which points to the gunmovie.play(), this way you can call that instead.

As to hard coded paths, you could also have the MegaWeapon class register itself on the _root so your code would read:

_root.megaWeapon1 = this;

// On _root

You will need to watch out for collisions, though.

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This will work. Typing it in in the builtin action editor, and then being able refer to it from outside. Does this trick have a name? –  neoneye Sep 23 '09 at 19:41
Not that I know of. It's something I've done to get around some rather nasty Flash memory issues though. –  cwallenpoole Sep 23 '09 at 20:24

Well, you can create a reference to one of the lower clips in one place so if you do have to rename symbols it is less painful..

for example

var someClip:MovieClip = __root.menu.level1.toppanel.megaweapon;

So then you could do


that should be the same exact thing as the first line in your code block but at least your object path can be defined in a single place instead of every time you use it.

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